LotroBuild Update: Titles Database and Discord Bot update.

Hello Lotro players!

I am back with another update patchnotes for LotroBuild!

Before we continue, I want to say, that exploring the game from "behind" gave me so many great hours of just serfing through whole game database! There is so many hidden things I want to share with you all, and there is many updates awaits us in the future. I love LOTRO, and I want to know just everything about my favourite game <3.

First of all - I wanted to thank all of people, who supported project so far. And I want to specially thank ManaPotz and Louey7 for becoming part of the project!

This is the 3rd update in whole project life, and I am very exited to tell you about this one. If you want to read about first two, you can find them here and here.

Title Database

Now it is possible to search through whole LOTRO title database! There is 2,284 Titles available in-game, and our Database also includes the hidden ones! For example:

Warden of Eriador
Husband of / Wife of title
  • TBD ones (it is like starter from new titles in future)
TBD title

Also, you can use search right from your discord with command:

-title <Title Name>


Honorary Shirriff

Relic search from discord bot

I was very exited to deliver the relic search feature last week, but without Discord bot command. Now, I made it possible. You can use it from your discord server with command:

-relic <Relic Name>


Greater Threshold Rune of Binding

Partners page

We also released a big Project Partners page, so you can see people who participated in project life so far - our main Partners and list of last month contributors.


  • We decided to put more info on each content entity page, like Items, Relics and Titles, and now you can see additional info for each of them.
  • We improved SEO part of the website, so search engines will index our website better.

Upcoming updates:

In nearest future you will see two big things: Legendary Item's builder and Trait Planner. Hopefully, we will deliver them by the end of this week or in the middle of next week.


Thank you all for reading our patchnotes!

Hugs, Gipsy <3