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  • Class Difficulty: Advanced
  • Role: Support
  • Gameplay: Burglars are masters of debuffing; skills that cause foes to deal less damage or be easier to kill. They utilize their Trick skills to debuff foes and can later remove the Tricks for additional benefits. Burglars also have Stealth skills and are proficient at initiating Fellowship Manoeuvres. In fellowships, a Burglar supports his allies by debuffing foes, while dealing respectable damage.
  • Lore: Burglars are masters of stealth and misdirection. They rely on sleight-of-hand and startling attacks that allow their companions to overwhelm adversaries. This class is inspired by the famous Bilbo Baggins, who accompanied Thorin and Company on their quest to the Lonely Mountain.
  • Burglar traits

    Burglar default gear